We believe…

We believe in the power of good content to inspire, educate and entertain our audience. As the world is moving more and more digital, we look to create interesting and creative digital content that fit with the lifestyle and aspiration of our audience. We produce fresh content daily.

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Talka TalkaTalkaTalkaกระทงน้ำแข็งTalka TalkaTalkaTalka

Who are we?

We are a group of young and passionate content creators and marketers that believe in the freedom of speech and creativity on the digital platform. We are inspired by how people connect and share information through social media and strive to create share-worthy content to connect with our audience, and give them entertainment and information to share with their friends, family and people who matter in their lives.

Our network includes our sites Talka Talka and Goddesszilla, Facebook, partnering websites and influencers and other digital platforms.

Just started in 2016, we are a small and fast-growing family based in the heart of Bangkok. We are all born and bred Thai nationals hailing from different part of the countries and bring with each of us different perspectives, experiences and interests to the team. Talk to us at [email protected]


Who is Talka Talka’s audience?

Our content serves a generation of highly engaged and digitally-involved audience that spend time on social media to discover news and information that are of interest to them. Our audience is predominantly millennial between the age of 18-35 years old, who consumes content – video, visual and article – mostly on mobile.  Reach us at [email protected] to talk to us more 🙂

TalkaTalka Distribution

Hi there, we are not strangers…

Some of our content have gone viral, received press from both traditional and new media, and been enjoyed by audience all over Thailand.

You may have seen us from some of our work:


Join us

We are always looking for awesome content creators to join our family.  Send us your profile at [email protected] if you like the following:

  • Build creative content that is informative, funny and relatable to the audience on a daily basis
  • Work independently without micro-managing with bosses and team members that value your thoughts and opinions
  • Get to plan your own work everyday, not a single day is the same (unless you want it to be)
  • Serve top-tier global and local brands and clients
  • Be motivated by the quality of your content and how audience respond to your content
  • Is open-minded and good at adapting to changes in the dynamic environment
  • Like nice people who work together in a relaxing open-concept office

What awesome thing will you get?

  • Flexible hours and work environment as long as you finish your job
  • Market competitive compensation with performance bonus
  • Modern, family-styled office with like-minded co-workers
  • Bosses that respect your thoughts and value your opinion
  • Ability to build your experiences creating content that will be seen by millions

Advertise with us

We are your thinking partner that can help serve you from the point of ideation to production and campaign management. If you have an idea or an objective, we could develop the right content campaign and produce the content to tell your story and meet your marketing objectives.

We are your one-stop partner to develop digital content campaign, product the content in-house and distribute content effectively through our own channel and other partnering channels.


Our list of growing client includes: